Logik und Formale Methoden

Improving Non-Progress Cycle Checks

  • Autor(en):

    David Faragó
    Peter H. Schmitt

  • Quelle:

    Model Checking Software, 16th International SPIN Workshop, Grenoble, France, June 26-28, 2009. LNCS, vol. 5578, pp. 50-67. Springer, Heidelberg (2009).

  • This paper introduces a new model checking algorithm that searches for non-progress cycles, used mainly to check for livelocks. The algorithm performs an incremental  depth-first search, i.e., it searches through the graph incrementally deeper. It simultaneously constructs the state space and searches for non-progress cycles. The algorithm is more efficient than the method the model checker SPIN currently uses, and finds shortest (w.r.t. progress) counterexamples. Its only downside is the need for a subsequent  reachability depth-first search (which is not the bottleneck) for constructing a full counterexample. The new algorithm is better combinable with partial order reduction than SPIN’s method.