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Formal Methods: Best of 2010

Formal Methods: Best of 2010
Type: Seminar Links:
Chair: Anwendungsorientierte Formale Verifikation; Logik und Formale Methoden
Semester: Hauptdiplom

Blockveranstaltung am Semesterende

Start: 13.04.2011

Prof. B. Beckert
Prof. P. H. Schmitt
Thorsten Bormer
Daniel Bruns
David Faragó
Christoph Gladisch
Vladimir Klebanov
Christoph Scheben
Mattias Ulbrich

SWS: 2

Today, software systems are present in all areas of our life. Their quality, however, falls prey to their complexity. This might be acceptable in some fields, but not where lives depend on them (e.g. avionics, trains, or medicine) or financial stakes are high (e.g. internet banking). In these cases, high quality of the software, especially correctness, must be taken care of.

This is the reason for the vast research in the field of (formal) methods that render high quality, or even error-free, software possible. This seminar offers a selection of current findings in this research area.

The participants to this seminar will prepare, supported by a supervisor, a presentation on a paper on such a finding. It is expected that the presenter will develop a thorough understanding of the subject matter and convey in the limited time available the essential information and insights to the audience.